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Roof Cover WA is a registered and reliable building company with decades of experience in reviewing roof performance and achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Our team is expert and experienced in delivering quality outcomes. We take great pride in our work and work safely at height to secure the improved performance of your roof.

We engage you, the owner, in the process, and review your roof design, the age and era it was built, the methods and materials used, the wear and tear features and the problems you are experiencing or are about to experience.

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Asbestos roofs pose a serious and on going health risk as the sheets age and gradually deteriorate. Sometimes we can see the fibres becoming friable on the roof cover surface.
We are expert with Asbestos roof replacement and work with licensed and qualified experts with asbestos removal and management.

We work with Councils, Authorities, owners, occupants and the surrounding commercial areas as required to ensure the process is managed in accordance with strict protocols. We set up the work place and monitor the site atmosphere conditions as required.
With our expertise and experienced, qualified and licensed operators you can be assured your home is in good hands.

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When the big storms come structural adequacy and water seal counts…ROOF COVER WA has got you covered.

As a Registered Builder we able to review failing roof structures and quote to repair to the Australian Standard AS 1684 Part 4.

On occasions we work on difficult to resolve roof frames with the support of certified structural engineers to achieve deemed to satisfy compliance. This level of structural compliance work also requires Council approval and we are able to complete the certification processes.

Please enquire now if you need our support with your roof frame.
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