Leaking Roofs

We have decades of experience in reviewing new leaks, tile flooding and persistent leaking.

The way we build today is very different from 6 decades ago and we are expert in reviewing roof cover from the different eras. We have various and new techniques these days to resolve water seal issues.

We review your roof design and layout and explain the most common causes of water seal underperformance.

We review roof cover and determine the best options given the age of the house, surrounding vegetation, the aspect of the roof, the material types used, previous attempts to seal and age wear and tear.

Leaking can cause damage and gradual seeping can cause mould conditions.

Lack of roof maintenance can also cause non insurable damage to ceilings, paint and electrics.

Our review is based on the evidence revealed and we share our observations openly and transparently so you understand the cause of problems and the options to resolve.

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