Tiled Roof Restoration

Tiled roofs suffer age wear and tear.

Tile paint and flexipoint systems generally deteriorate in time and this can generally lead to lack of water seal and persistent leaking.

We are expert in reviewing your Roof Cover and we can provide a detailed analysis of how your roof is going to perform in the short, medium and long term based on tile type, pitch and rust levels.

Tiled Roof restoration is best done by experienced and registered experts using the best and latest materials. Quite often it is not just the painting and pointing that needs expert attention, it is also the flashings and roof plumbing details.

We can replace tiles, caps, flumes, roof vents, valley trays and flashings.

We can paint and flexipoint using the latest and best fit for purpose product technology.

Our experienced roofing experts carry out quality works safely in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.

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