Roof Tile Maintenance

Roof Pointing is a skilled trade and it is best to use experienced

Expert and reliable trades to get a good job done, but also to work safely at height.

One of the most common sources of water entry is through mortar break down on the hip and ridge caps. It is best to ensure the pointing is maintained to avoid any uninsurable leaking.

The next most common source of water entry is through valley line failure. Valley lines need to be re lipped and the valley line tiles need to be re set. Quite often we will recommend to change out the valley lines rather than re lipping because the new valley lines are stronger and last longer.

Roof Tiles crack and break depending on a number of various circumstances. It can be people walking on the wrong spots on your roof, a falling branch or storm activity. One of the most common cracks is to the under course. The tile appears to be ok from above, but it is cracked right through on the under course. Either way, cracked tiles need to be changed out.

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